Jeff Brown bio


Madison WI piano tuner/technician



After working 10 years as a professional musician in Ohio and California and receiving a BA in education from Southern Oregon University, I moved to Madison in 1977.  While performing with many local Madison groups, I pursued study in piano tuning and technology.  Combining this with an interest in woodworking and finishing I proceeded to buy and restore vintage pianos.  With the mentoring of many experienced piano technicians and the fine instruction and seminars available through the Piano Technician’s Guild, I began tuning, repairing, refinishing and rebuilding pianos.  By 1983 this had become my full time occupation and Jeff Brown Piano Workshop was established. 

                      Since 1983, the business has grown!  Typically 1000 pianos a year are tuned or serviced.  Hundreds of         

                my restored pianos are in use in the Madison area…pianos owned by individuals, schools, churches and 

                the University. 


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                                                                                     Jeff Brown, Madison WI piano tuner technician at brownpianotuning.com