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{C}{C}colin piano flipped 45 pc words{C}{C}{C}{C}    Madison Piano Teachers List             

A list of Madison WI & Dane County  piano

Teachers offering piano lessons in your area  


                       This new free listing is open to all Madison  area piano teachers

including Middleton, Verona, Cross Plains, Waunakee, Mount

Horeb, Monona, Sun Prairie, Stoughton, Belleville & Dane County.



Attention Students:  This new list of Madison area piano instructors is provided as a

public service to help students find a teacher to match their needs.  All information is provided by

the teachers or studios, some of whom I may not know personally.  Therefore, it is not necessarily a

list of my personal recommendations. Likewise, the teachers on this list should not be assumed

to having necessarily recommended my services.  If you have any suggestions on how this website

may be improved, please contact me at brownpianoworkshop@gmail.com  Thanks—Jeff Brown.


Attention Teachers:  All Madison area piano teachers interested in adding to this free referral list may email their information to Jeff Brown at brownpianoworkshop@gmail.com  or may call me at (608) 831-3660.  Include your name, your town or city, your neighborhood (optional),  and your preferred method of contact (phone, email or website—one, two or all three may be included).  Up to 2 lines of space may be used to provide additional information:  i.e. student levels taught, teaching days and/or times of the week, teaching methods used, etc.  Costs of piano lessons will not be included.  All listing information you provide may be edited for space and content.

(order of names within each location category are based on date listing added--earliest first)  



Studio Name



Contact Info

Other information





Judy Pasch

Madison West    53711

Romford Road area)

(608) 278-1399

Teaching all ages

Madison Music Foundry


Madison West    53713

(Greenway Cross area)



Teaching all ages plus other insrtuments


Farleys House of Pianos

(music store)

Madison West

(West Towne area)

(608) 271-2626

Ask for Renee

Teaching beginner to adult


Timothy Mueller


Madison West    53717

(Crestwood area)

(608) 203-5103

Email:  tim@muellerpianostudio.com

Teaching beginner to adult

Website:  www.muellerpianostudio.com

Diana Berryman

Madison West    53711

(608) 233-0492


All levels/all ages,  35 years teaching

Masters in piano performance

Brandy Held

Madison West

(Mckee Rd. area)

(608) 219-7412  brandytunesstudio@yahoo.com

Teaching beginner to advanced—all styles

Website:  www.brandytunesmusic.com

Jane Peckham

Madison West

(West Towne area)

(608) 829-2466


Teaching all levels

Children and adult

Ankie Foell

Madison West    53705

(608) 238-8834



Liz Agard

Madison West     53705  

(West High area)

(608) 238-2730


Teaching all ages and abilities


Ruthann Reed

Madison West    53711

(Cherokee School area)

(608) 274-5140

Teaching all ages including adults

Open teacher

Open location   


Open phone

Open phone  Open email

Open details


Michael Gruber

Madison Near West


(608) 250-5064

Teaching piano and guitar

Helga Swatzak

Madison West

(608) 819-8884


Teaching age 5 and up piano and music theory, ABRSM Music exams

Jo Simons

Madison West & East

(in-home teaching)

(608) 442-0519

Email:  jokat@tds.net

Teaching very young through to advanced, in both teacher and student homes

Brian Hagen

West:  Monroe St. Fine Arts Center.,  East: (Elvehjem)

(608) 233-1677


Teaching ages 5 to adult, beginner to advanced: emphasis: classical, theory, improv

Kristine Bengtson

Madison West

(University Ave/Allen)

Email:  cre8fmusic@aol.com

Teaching all levels/ages, 20 years experience,

Doctorate in collaborative piano

Janet Smith

Madison West

(Parkwood Hills 53705)

(608) 271-4295

Email:  janetdon33@charter.net

Teaching intermed.  to advanced:  classical, theory, improv (and vocal) 40 years exp.

Gina Weibel

(Lets Play Music)

Madison West

(West Towne area)

(608) 237-6853


Specifically tailored for children age 4 or 5

Jess Salek

Madison West

(608) 438-9850


MM in piano performance & pedagogy,

all ages, beginner to advanced.

Pamela McMullen

McMullen Mus. Studio

Madison West

(Elver Park area)

(608) 285-5301


BA music ed.  Teaching beginner to

intermediate piano & voice with theory

Adam Nelson

Madison West




Teaching rock and popular styles, how to

play by ear.   Web: www.rockthepiano.com

Julie Mazer

Madison West

(608) 575-6163


Lessons offered in student’s home.  Teaching all ages and children with learning differences. 

Carolyn Medrano

Madison West

(West Towne Area 53711)


Web:  http://vivopianolessons.com

BA in Music and Psycology

9 years teaching experience

Nora Novich

Madison Far West

(608) 260-5436


Specializing in young beginners age 4-10

Vladislava Henderson Piano Studio

Madison West                              (Memorial H.S. area) 

(608) 829-0149 


Teaching all levels and ages.  DMA in piano performance/pedagogy. 30 years experience

Jourdan Hines

Greater Madison Area


(651) 428-3811


Teaching beginner to intermediate piano advanced theory/composition. Sax & guitar

Chenchen Ma

Madison Campus

(608) 320-5735

Email:  cma7@wisc.edu

Teaching begginers

Mike Weiser

Madison West and East

(in-home lessons)

(608) 620-3734


Teaching young through advanced

Emphasis classical, jazz, theory, improv

Kevin Knapp

Madison Near East

(Schenks Corners)

(608) 438-6548 kevin.arthur.knapp@gmail.com 

Teaching all levels

Web:   www.myspace.com/kevinknappmusic

Marianne Eggerstrand

Madison East


(608) 249-5444


Teaching all ages specializing in ages 6-9 and adult, also cello


Shad Wenzlaff

Madison East

(Maple Bluff)

(608) 695-4005

Email:  wenzlaffsh@yahoo.com

Teaching all ages


Melanie Cain

Madison East

(Buckeye area)

(608) 712-9433

Email:  cain05@charter.net

Teaching beginning and intermediate

and voice

Elizabeth Schrader

Madison East

(Williamson Street area)

(715) 577-2766

Email:  elischrader@gmail.com

All ages.  Experience teaching children and adults with disabilities (MT-BC)

Jennifer Zuhlke

Madison East

(608) 698-7390

Email:  jzuhlke@gmail.com

All ages including adult.   MM in music ed.  Website:  www.jenniferspianostudio.net

Judith McNeil

Madison East

(608) 512-6507

Email:  jmjaymac@gmail.com

Piano for all ages and voice

BA in music education

Bess Berg

Madison East

(608) 250-1811

Creative piano lessons for all ages

Website:  www.swallowtailmusic.org

Lisa Mott

Madison East  (near Monona- Lake Edge area)


All ages—after school and daytime lessons available





Middleton School of

Performing Arts

Middleton    53562


Teaching all levels

Jane Rasmussen

Middleton    53562

(608) 831-5651

Teaching all levels

Carrie Warren

Middleton and

East Madison

(608) 212-2448

Email:  cmw@uwalumni.com

In-home teaching in Middleton area

and my East Madison home

Allyzza Uy


(West Towne area)

(608) 609-4183

Email:  keys_0211@yahoo.com

Beginner to intermediate (children & teens)

BA in Music/Performance/Pedagogy

Natalie Graham

Middleton/Cross Plains

& Sauk Prairie H.S.

(608) 445-9521

Email:  nr.graham@hotmail.com

Teaching all ages piano and clarinet

UW Whitewater degree in K-12 music





Michelle Johnson

Cross Plains   53528

(608) 413-0073

Email:  robfromwfth@gmail.com

Teaching levels 1-3 and flute





Cheri Lewis

Monona     53713

(608) 222-5125

Email:  studiolewis@charter.net

Teaching beginner to adult

Emphasis: theory/classical

Drums n’ Moore

School of Music

Monona     53716

(608) 661-4442

Teaching all ages/levels/styles

Amber Nicole Dilger

Monona     53716

(608) 554-1220

Email:  a@ambernicoledilger

Teaching all ages beginning piano and voice

Web:  www.ambernicoledilger.com

Shirley Robinson

Monona     53716

(608) 222-1972

Email:  scrobinson77@yahoo.com

Teaching ages 7 to adult

Beginning to intermediate





Nancy Wynn

Fitchburg    53711

(Orchard Ridge)

(608) 441-1446

Teaching all levels

Masters degree in piano





Arboretum Music School (studio)


(608) 850-4345

Email:  kristie608@charter.net

Teaching all ages/all levels

All instruments

Diane Ritchie


(608) 212-1983

Email:  ritchiediane@hotmail.com

Teaching all ages

Your home or mine

Dan Collins


(608) 509-8964

Email:  dan_j_collins@yahoo.com

Teaching all levels, major experience

in jazz and rock/pop





Rhapsody Art Center



(608) 848-2045

Email:  info@rhapsodyarts.org

Teaching all ages/all levels

Website:  www.rhapsodyarts.org

Sherry Birchall


(608) 843-1806


Teaching beginning piano, guitar & voice

all ages

Pam Hegg


(608) 845-6637


Teaching all ages/levels . “I want music to be fun”





Nancy Schallert

Sun Prairie

(Smiths Crossing)

(608) 834-2538

Email:  nancyschallert@gmail.com

Teaching beginning to intermediate


Lana Robotewskyj

(Melodiya LCC)

Sun Prairie  (Weybridge/

Wyndham Hills area)

(608) 217-6397

Email: lana@sunprairiepiano.com

MM in piano performance & pedagogy-

Teach all levels   www.sunprairiepiano.com

Prairie Music Academy

Sun Prairie

(Cannery Square area)

(608) 834-9550

Email: info@prairiemusic.org

Teaching all ages/beginning to advanced


Kari Engelson

Sun Prairie

Prairie Music Academy

(608) 834-9550

Email:  info@prairiemusic.org

MM in piano performance & pedagogy,

all ages, beginner to advanced.

Julie Baskinger

Sun Prairie

Prairie Music Academy

(608) 834-9550

Email:  info@prairiemusic.org

MM in piano performance & pedagogy,

all ages, beginner to advanced.

Matthew Lichtenwald

Sun Prairie

Prairie Music Academy

(608) 834-9550

Email:  info@prairiemusic.org

BM in piano performance teaching

All ages beginner to advanced.

Marta Hansen

Sun Prairie


Email:  musicwithmarta@yahoo.com

Teaching all ages piano and voice

Website:  www.musicwithmarta.com

Carlyn Lebeau


Sun Prairie

(608) 438-8394

Teaching all ages





Jessica Lee Timman

McFarland    53558

(608) 886-6038

Email:  jessicatimman@yahoo.com

Teaching beginning and intermediate only

Also teach voice





Academy of Sound



(downtown Oregon)

(608) 235-9031

Email: academyofsound@verizon.net

Teaching all ages/all levels/other instruments

Website:  www.academyofsound.org       

Jeanne Felix


(608) 345-8456

Email: jmfelix@netzero.net

Over 20 years experience teaching all levels

and trumpet

Jo Anne Wroblewski


(608) 835-2056


Teaching all ages/adults






Jim Brown


(608) 239-2051

Email:  jbmusic@charterinternet.com

Teaching all ages/levels & other instruments

Website:  www.jbmusicinc.net

Louis Cruz


(608) 719-9825

Email:  delacruzmusic24@gmail.com

Beginner to advanced

and guitar


(music store)


(608) 873-1816

Email:  jbmusic@charterinternet.com

Teaching all ages/levels & other instruments

Website:  www.jbmusicinc.net





Carlie Craig


(608) 513-1609


Teaching all ages/levels and voice





Maxine Ward


(608) 424-3484

Teaching all levels

40 years teaching experience





Mary Wermerskirchen

Mount Horeb

(608) 437-3446

Email:  mary4u@mhtc.net

Beginning students all ages

Mimi Phan-Dinh

Mount Horeb



Teaching beginner to advanced from age 5






 Nona Erfurth  

Mount Vernon

(608) 832-6224

Teaching all ages/adult






Amy Baitinger


(608) 423-3918

Teaching all levels

Susan V. Mathews


(608) 332-3522

Email:  susan@jsmltd.com

Teaching all levels

Website:  www.bigtimemusic.org


















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